Key to the success of IPS is our dedication to workplace safety. Our goal on every job is to remain 100% incident free, including personal injuries, safety violations, and environmental incidents. On each IPS project, we set clear expectations for our employees and subcontractors, communicate the expectations, and require active participation in meeting/exceeding those expectations. Each member of our team has completed OSHA 30-hour training, with additional safety training being conducted on a continual basis.


IPS utilizes a Behavior-Based Safety Program. Simply put, Behavior Based Safety is the application of the science of behavior change to real-world problems. Our program focuses on people, analyzes why they do it, and applies strategies for improvement. This program is designed to improve safety awareness by making safe behavior and workplace conditions a part of everyday work culture.


Our program includes:

  • Common Goals – Established by the client, IPS management, and our site team members

  • Definition of What Is Expected – We communicate job safety expectations to all employees at the time of hire, while reinforcing the expectations with daily safety reviews and weekly safety talks, followed up by a management/craft safety committee

  • Observational Data Collection – Daily observations of the work is completed

  • Discussions and decisions on how best to proceed based on observed data

  • Feedback to the employees being observed

  • Review with changes to procedures as necessary for improvement


The success of our safety program is proven in our continually low EMR average. 


EMR Averages

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